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Stress & Anxiety Therapy

Although stress and anxiety is a natural part of life, there may be times where the feelings can begin to overwhelm and even interfere with your everyday routine and feeling of self. Some people have anxiety about one particular area, or many different areas. Although anxiety can present itself in many different forms, the feelings of discomfort, angst, dread, and/or the need to act before something bad happens/falls apart remains constant. There may be a feeling of a loss of control, and a feeling of hopelessness for the future. At certain points of your life, feelings of anxiety may even leave you feeling handcuffed, and prevent you from pursuing dreams, goals, and feeling good within your relationships. 

In order to address symptoms of anxiety, I utilize a variety of techniques. Together, we will collaborate to develop effective ways to address your unique concerns, which will include some, or all of the following approaches: insight oriented therapy to better understand the root cause of your anxiety; stress-reduction and relaxation exercises to help soothe and ground you, both physically as well as emotionally; cognitive behavioral approaches to target and challenge unhelpful thoughts and beliefs which can contribute or generate anxiety; and mindfulness meditation to help you remain in the present rather than worrying about of the future.

Therapy for stress and anxiety can help you find answers to:

  • Regaining a sense of control and mastery over your emotions

  • Learning relaxation and breathing techniques to help cope with anxiety peaks

  • Using body-based approaches to target feelings of anxiety. This includes mindful attention to the impact that diet, sleep, and exercise have on these symptoms

  • Uncovering root causes of anxiety so you can begin to address them

  • Developing mastery of these emotions so your self-esteem and sense of control can flourish

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